Development is an art of science in which we are developing the project of  Web development, Software development, and Mobile development.

Web Development

Web development broadly applies to the tasks associated with developing websites for hosting through the intranet or the Internet.

The Web development is the process which includes Web design, Web content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration and e-commerce development.

Web development is the programming that provides website functionality, as per the owner requirements. It mainly deals with the non-design aspect of building websites, which includes coding.

Web Designer

A web designer focuses on the development of look and feel of the website. For design, they choose colors and fonts and sets the structure of the page, including the header, sidebar, navigation menu and content areas.

Web Programmer

A web developer is a programmer who expert in the development of World Wide Web applications, which are run by HTTP from a web server to a web browser.

Two people work as a team one developer focus on the technologies sent to the client like HTML, JavaScript, CSS and on the server-side frameworks such as Python, Perl, PHP, Java, ASP, ASP.NET used to deliver content to the client. Meanwhile, the other developer might focus on the interaction between server-side frameworks, the web server, and a database system.

Flash Developer

Flash development means developer develop related flash related task including

Flash, developers, experience with a variety of different programming languages such as Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Flash developers have the range of disciplines, including software design, graphic design, computer programming, The Web and e-commerce application development and video game production

Content Development

Web content contains which is display on the main part of the webpage. So a content developer is a writer, a videographer or an on-camera personality.

Web sites required content because the content is the primary factor which is essential to provide information or knowledge to the client about what our main motives to develop websites, what the websites actually shows, what are the services we provide, why to use our services.

Software Development

Software development is the process of developing software through continuous phases in an orderly way. This process of design of what is to be coded, and confirmation that what the developer has met purposes.

Applications Development

The term applications development implies non-Web-based software. The languages are used to develop the applications are Java, Visual Basic, VB.NET C/C++, Python, Lua, Scala, and C#.

Web Development

The Web development is the process which includes Web design, Web content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration and e-commerce development.

Systems Development

Designing and coding software which manages behind the scenes. Several thousand engineers who work at Microsoft developing the Windows operating system are systems developers. The common languages used by systems developers are C and C++.

Mobile Development

Mobile application development is a used to denote the process by which application software is developed for mobile devices, such as enterprise digital assistants or cell phones.

Mobile application development is a terminology used to describe Internet applications that run on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Mobile applications usually help the users by connecting them to Internet services and regularly accessed on desktop or notebook computers or contribute to use the Internet on their portable devices by creating them an easier way.

A mobile application may be a mobile Web site bookmarking utility, a mobile-based instant messaging customer, Gmail for mobile, and many other applications.


There are different types of Apps:

Web App

A mobile web app is a software that uses technologies such as JavaScript or HTML5 to provide interaction or customization capabilities. The programs run in mobile device’s web browser

Native App

Native mobile apps provide high-performance and a high degree of reliability. Native App has used on a particular platform or device. A native mobile app is the Smartphone application which is coding in a specific programming language, such as Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android operating systems.

Hybrid App

Hybrid Apps are like native apps, run on the device, and weites with web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Hybrid apps run inside a native container the device’s browser engine to execute the HTML and process the JavaScript.